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The MNSE Home Layout is constantly changing.

Here are some nice shots of MNSE member Greg B equipment running on the MNSE 

GB CLUB 1.jpg

The 400 just leaving the yard on its 400 minute trip

GB CLUB 4.jpg

UP #952 leads a train across the river on its trip

GB CLUB 3.jpg

CNW 400 Tail Car wondering through the Wis Dells area of the MNSE

GB CLUB 5.jpg

UP Passenger Special passes the Coal Mine 

GB CLUB 6.jpg

UP Special passes Matteford Paper. A scratchbuilt paper plant on the MNSE. The largest industry on the MNSE.  Built by Jerry G

GB CLUB 7.jpg
GB CLUB 8.jpg

UP Special and Milwaukee Road Skytop pass through the Dells area of the MNSE 

Here are some shots of the MNSE Home Layout from Jan 2019

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