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In 2004 the Milwaukee-N-Southeastern Model Railroad Club helped out the Milwaukee County Sheriff Office build an Incident Command practice model.  Club members help build structures and design the model. 

Below are some photos from the Incident Command Module that the Milwaukee-N-Southeastern helped build for the Milwaukee County Sheriff Office in 2006.  The project included help from Deputy Sheriffs and Sergeants. The model represents different areas of a large metropolitan area including residential, school, downtown, industrial and a portion of an airport.  Several of the buildings were scratchbuilt by one of the members of the MNSE.  William K Walthers also helped with some donations of buildings.  A local hobby shop also donated some items.  The model also includes an HO scale model of a interstate interchange.  The Milwaukee County Sheriff Office patrols the freeways within Milwaukee County.  The model is still in use today for training. 

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