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On Tuesday February 6, 2022 the MNSE had the great pleasure of being the first host to the 20th Anniversary Train of the Four Corners and Five Lakes Railroad.  The FCFL is the N scale of John Tindall.  John is former member of the MNSE but still a great friend of the club.  John custom painted the entire train to celebrate the anniversary.  He is hoping to have the train run on several different N scale layouts in the Milwaukee area.  CONGRATULATIONS on 20 Years to the FCFL.  

Here are some more photos from the visit of the FCFL 20th Anniversary Train as it made its way around the layout.  

FCFL #20 makes a celebration station stop in Glenview 

FCFL #20 crosses the large lift bridge on the MNSE layout

FCFL #20 rounding the sweeping curve and about the pass Matteford Paper the largest industry on the layout. 

#20 slows for a quick stop in Prairie.  

Extra FCFL #20 exits the tunnel on the MNSE

Union Station looms in the background as FCFL #20 eases up a grade soon to be arriving at the station

Backing into Union Station for the crowds to look at the Special Train.  The FCFL drumhead brings up the rear of the platform observation car

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